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Indian agriculture is undergoing a revolutionary change. More than 75% of population take out their living from agriculture sector. Farmer int he past their fortunes with conventional crops by exerting lot of oil and suffered from fluctuating crop yields and income added to this uncertain monsoon played have with the farmers fortunes. But the educated and intelligent farmers of today have recognized the advantage of growing foods trees and earn stale profile instead of depending on fluctuating yields & low income by growing ordinary crops. Growing these is much easier compared to other commercial crops.

Special Features of Mango Plants

The Growth of any plant depends on its planting material. Amparali plants are produced from such mango tree through cutting the buds using the modern progating and green house technologies.

These Genetically Superior Plant Offer

  • High quality horticulture plants
  • The amarpali will be yield more than short time.
  • The amarpali will be yield more than any other mango plants